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Tobacco warnings

Posted 12/2/2010 by Grant Mitchell


I just don't get why the government is letting the tobacco companies off from the requirement that they change the warnings on their cigarette and other tobacco product packages every ten years - that means now.

Science tells us that these warnings have to be changed periodically since people get used to them. Moreover, it doesn't cost the taxpayer anything to do this - just the tobacco companies.

Moreover, if we reduce smoking, we reduce health care costs. What could possibly be the downside to having an initiative that would reduce health care costs that does not cost the taxpayer?

The government says thery are going to focus on stopping contraband. So? They could do contraband and package warnings at the same time. And, of course, if fewer people smoke, there is less demand for contraband.

What could possibly be the explanation for the government doing this?

Yesterday, I asked about this in Question Period. Click here to read that question.

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