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Rights of women around the world

Posted 11/13/2008 by Grant Mitchell


Reports yesterday were that two men threw acid in the faces of 8 young girls while they were on their way to school. It is horrifying and absolutely unbelievable that women can be treated like that simply because they are female and they want an education.

I know we all feel absolutely sick to see this kind of treatment of women anywhere in the world.

It is all about frustrated, frightened men who find that they can find some kind of gratification of putting down and exercising power one way or another over women.

There is evidence that developing countries will not develop until women are educated --  meaning that women, in fact, have the true power to drive development in a peaceful and non-destructive way. The question for Canada, and other developed nations, is how do we help countries like Afghanistan create a culture where women can go to school; a most basic of human rights.

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