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We must do better

Posted 11/17/2008 by Grant Mitchell


I was saddened when I read this news story over the weekend.  And disheartened to know that in the midst of celebrating the first African-American being elected president of the United States, such ugly acts are being committed. How can this occur in what one would think is a civilised society? Although hate and anger seem never to be far away in every society, to differing degrees, they raise their ugly heads in the form of racism, discrimination and bias.

I feel a real sense of sadness when I think of a child being bullied or ridiculed or denied opportunity available to my children because of their race or even their poverty.

We see in Canada violent attacks on gays and lesbians; people who believe the state should tell gay couples that they cannot marry; inequality of women in far too many ways; structural bias against certain racial groups; attacks on synagogues…  The list goes on.

We have a government that often feeds on anger and fear.

At the same time, Canada is a beacon in the world for fairness and justice. Right now, our military men and women are fighting for rights for the people of Afghanistan and in particular for some semblance of decent and fair treatment of women and children.

We can never be complacent about these issues in Canada or anywhere else.


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