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Posted 9/24/2014 by Grant Mitchell


Sometime after the 2006 election it appeared to some that the Liberals were never coming back.   A thought emerged from the "ether" that perhaps their demise was really a reflection of the possibility that the progressive, liberal agenda had run its course and that there was nothing left to do.   At the time (now I don't know what I was thinking), it struck me that there might be something to this idea.

However, today, as I sat thinking about politics, it struck me that the Canadian progressive agenda is full and pressing. Here are some of what I think it should and does include:

1. Fighting climate change, with a priority on pricing carbon. And, leading the world in the battle.

2. Missing and murdered aboriginal women. This is a sociological problem AND a crime, but it is not going to be solved with the criminal justice system. That system despite years of Conservatives' "tough on crime” fixes has simply failed miserably. It is a deep problem, with deep sociological roots and cannot be solved by simplistic "solutions". It at the very least needs a broad public inquiry. 

3. Poverty in Canada remains a challenge.

4.  Foreign policy: Canada needs to reestablish its reputation in the world so  we can have real influence over issues of foreign policy that persist, including hunger, climate change adaptation in the third world, women's equality in the third world, and peace in the Middle East.

5. In Canada, women's equality remains an issue as do transgender rights.

6. Building balanced and diversified economic growth while preserving the environment and fighting climate change.

7. Solving the cultural problem that has plagued the RCMP and contributes to persisting harassment, sexual and otherwise in their ranks.

8. Interprovincial free trade.

9. The health and equality of Canada's aboriginal population, in particular building on the momentum from the truth and reconciliation commission at this time.

10. Addressing obesity and its impact on healthy living.

11. Rectifying the issues that plagued the public health care system.

12. Sustaining and building bilingualism and biculturalism as well as multiculturalism.

13. Creating an economy that works for all Canadians.

14. Finding ways to help develop our arts and our artists.

15. Determining the causes of gang culture and fixing it. 

16. Legalizing marijuana.

There are surely many others. This is just a start at a comprehensive list. 

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