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Who will do it if we don’t?

Posted 5/19/2009 by Grant Mitchell


Over the years, I have had an infinite number of conversations about politics and politicians with people who are cynical about both. They somehow separate themselves from politics, place themselves outside (or above) politics. They conclude so often that somehow politicians are not worthy of their respect, nor are the institutions of our government and courts. So many people seem to simply accept the paradigm that politics and politicians are bad and cannot ever be redeemed.

This is profoundly frustrating to me.

First, I think we need to consider that we have a remarkable country, envied by people all over the world. It seems that the proof is in the pudding. Canada is a great country after having been managed and lead by politicians for 140 years working within our parliamentary system.

Second, it is not as though politicians are people different than the rest of us. They are your neighbors, teachers, union members, nurses, doctors, lawyers, business people, mothers and fathers. They are people just like the rest of us. They have asked and answered the question: “If we do not participate in our democracy, then who is going to do it, who is going to govern us?”

I have often stood on the doorsteps over the years of door knocking and heard people criticize politicians. My answer has been: “Since you are critical, you must have some suggestions about how things should be run. So, it seems to me that you have an obligation to get involved and make things better. After all, we need good people to be in politics and government.”

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