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Senate Reform: Not as simple as it sounds

Posted 5/4/2009 by Senator Grant Mitchell


We had the beginnings of a very interesting debate on Senate reform in the Senate last week.

It was initiated by a motion presented by Senator Hugh Segal calling for the Senate to consult widely and urge the Government to:

1. The provinces and territories to have elections for Senators or establish some other selection process; and

2. Institute a national referendum on abolition, status-quo or election of the Senate.

While I do not want to put words in Senator Segal's mouth, it fair to say that a major point in his speech on this motion is that it will stimulate debate and understanding of this important issue.

My argument was that we have to be careful to do reforms right or else we'll create some difficult unintended consequences.

Here are the links to my speech and an article in the Hill Times about the debate. Good reading believe it or not.

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